Sunday, March 3, 2019

She called me a Queen

Queen she called me, eye roll I provide. 

Is this a new trend or have I just reached an age in which this title replaces " baby girl" and "little lady" ?  Then again ...I do remember that title being used. When I was young my uncles reminded all of us (my cousins and I) that would grow into queens. The explanation had to do with history and meant little to me. No one explained the phrase. The title. 

Calling one self Queen has become popular.

Is this part of the black the movement?

I like it, it feels empowering. It feels right.

I took time to imagined myself a queen and thought who knows, maybe I am.

I immediately felt that little ting of guilt.  For the blasphemous thought that I rule anything.
The feeling to back track that statement that I MAY BE a queen and drop myself own from that pedestal was, demanding.

What did I rule? What could I rule? 

Was there something ruling me?

Logical answers came and were canceled quick.
My mother, of course not I'm 32 years old.

My lover, laughable to consider

My circumstances, With all due respect I play such a big role in them they cannot be the ruler. 
 (My love to those Queens that must bend to the circumstances forced and confining to you. There are levels to oppression. Mine allows many freedoms that I am grateful for and must acknowledge) 

My thoughts, well they were mine to control….or not.

Money.....,  Hmmm this one took thought, this one for me was a big one.
Many may not be concerned with money and it means little to them. That is your truth.
Mine involve money….IT IS A CONCERN
I want money for necessity ,comfort and creativity. However I know it does not rule me. I am too amazed with nature , information, stories and time. I love too many free things. 
So the great debate in my head started.

Let’s define Queen.
The Webster dictionary #3 a,b,an C fit perfectly for this Blog
  1. aa woman eminent in rank, power, or attractions a movie queen
ba goddess or a thing personified as female and having supremacy in a specified realm
can attractive girl or woman

Rank, who has more rank in my life than me ? NO ONE 
My supremacy is in the realm of my own life. 
And to the most important person I am an attractive woman. 

What did I rule. Myself.  
Where was my kingdom? Within
And it deserved what? The best I could give because in my opinion that was the job of a queen.

Then I remembered my friend was there and waiting for a response to ….Something.
 AHH she called me queen and I answered. 

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